2021 Award Winners

We were proud to bestow ten national awards representing outstanding individuals, programs, and groups throughout the country in 2021.  From students excelling during unparalleled times to new leaders working on diversity efforts, to some of the most recognized names in our professional community, this year’s recipients illustrate the dedication and selflessness of those in our field. The following people were honored with awards in 2021.

AEHAP Student Research Competition Winners

  • Angela Spugnardi, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Lexi Kyro, Montana State University
  • Sydney Bohall, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
  • Gabriela Ornelas, Illinois State University
  • Rowan Carroll, Illinois State University

Dr. Bailus Walker, Jr. Diversity & Inclusion Award

Aqualia (Shauna) Nelson, B.S., M.A., REHS/RS

Dr. R. Neil Lowry Grant

North Richland Hills, TX

NEHA/AAS Scholarship

  • Samson Strickland, Undergraduate recipient, East Carolina University
  • Graham Siegel, Undergraduate recipient, Western Carolina University
  • Saba Wube, Graduate recipient, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

NEHA Affiliate Certificates of Merit


  • Derreck Webb (nominated by the New Jersey Environmental Health Association)
  • Brian Gutierrez (nominated by the New Jersey Environmental Health Association)
  • Mark Peloquin (nominated by the Minnesota Environmental Health Association)
  • Michael Sukup (nominated by the Iowa Environmental Health Association)
  • Karen Contador (nominated by the Massachusetts Environmental Health Association)
  • Patrick Lindsey (nominated by the Alabama Environmental Health Association)


  • The Connecticut Environment Health Association - Workforce Development Committee
  • The Iowa Environmental Health Association Fall Conference Committee
  • G & L Laboratories nominated by the Massachusetts Environmental Health Association
  • The Montana Environmental Health Association Legislative Committee

NEHA Past Presidents Award

David Dyjack, DrPH, CIH

NEHA Presidential Citations

  • Alicia Collins
  • Amer El-Ahraf
  • Angelica Ledezma
  • Brian Collins
  • Dr. Carolyn Hester Harvey
  • Charles Powell
  • Dustin Long
  • Gail Vail
  • Jonna Ashley
  • Kristen Ruby-Cisneros
  • Kristie Denbrock
  • Dr. Manjit Randhawa
  • Michael Newman
  • NEHA Staff
  • Dr. Priscilla Oliver
  • Renee Clark
  • Roy Kroeger
  • Santiago Ezcurra
  • Soni Fink
  • Technical Advisors
  • Vince Radke

NSF International Scholar 

Reggie Eggen, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire

Samuel J. Crumbine Consumer Protection Award

Washoe County Health District

Walter F. Snyder Environmental Health Award

Kevin Smith

Walter S. Mangold Award

Vincent J. Radke, MPH, RS, CP-FS, CPH, DLAAS