GIS Builds Capacity to Reclaim Brownfields and Respond to Public Requests

Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 18:00
Darryl Booth, President of Decade Software Company
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In our introductory column in November, I spoke of profiling right-minded environmental health projects that address the numerous challenges agencies face today. I know that citizens want more information about the health of their communities. They expect answers (and not just data, but conclusions) faster than ever before. GIS stands out as a tool health agencies must utilize to meet this pressing need. The best application of GIS technology can bring about far-reaching insight and manifest inferences about the relationship between our environment and our health never before imagined.


Read the Building Capacity Column in Full: 

GIS Builds Capacity to Reclaim Brownfi elds and Respond to Public Requests (PDF)


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