Consumer Perception of the Food and Drug Administration’s Newest Recommended Food Facility Inspection Format: Words Matter


The Food and Drug Administration recommended restaurant inspection scores change to a format that incorporated three new categories of violations: priority, priority foundation, and core. It was uncertain whether interested consumers would value the more in-depth information or become more confused. The purpose of this study was to assess consumer perception of the recommended inspection system. Data were collected from an online survey. Results showed that consumers want convenient access to the information either online or on the wall of restaurants, and some consumers do want to read inspection reports and use them in making dining decisions. Choice of restaurant inspection format did appear to change consumer understanding and perceptions about some of the violations. Results also demonstrated the importance of the words used to categorize violations.

Speaker / Author: 
Jooho Kim, PhD
Jing Ma, PhD
Barbara Almanza, PhD, RD
Month Year: 
June 2017
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Publication Month: 
June 2017
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