A Matter of Debate: Developing National Retail Food Policy


Retail food policy plays an important role in ensuring the safety of food in retail and food service establishments. The process of developing, adopting, and evaluating these policies, however, is not well described in the literature or evidenced in practice. Policy debate has become essential to the development of retail food policy. Through deliberations, such as those at the Conference for Food Protection, stakeholders offer and debate policy recommendations intended to advance retail food safety. The lack of an agreed upon debate framework, however, has led to inconsistencies in how perceived problems and their recommended policy solutions are deliberated. This guest commentary suggests a stock issues framework, which includes components labeled ill, blame, cure, and consequence, as a guide for stakeholders to follow to consistently deliberate the salient aspects of policy propositions during retail food policy debates.


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Girvin L. Liggans, MS, PhD, REHS, DAAS, Food and Drug Administration
Komita J. Carrington, MS, LEHS, Anne Arundel County Department of Health
Jessica L. Otto, MPH, REHS, CP-FS, Food and Drug Administration
Month Year: 
March 2020
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March 2020
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