2020 Awards, Honors, and Scholarship Recipients

AEHAP Student Research Competition Winners

  • Adam Vang, East Carolina University
  • Lana Sexton and Amber Turner, Eastern Kentucky University
  • Paige Tolleson, Montana State University
  • Swade Barned and Steven Mills, Eastern Kentucky University

Davis Calvin Wagner Sanitarian Award

  • Dr. Sheila Davidson Pressley

HUD Secretary’s Award for Healthy Homes

  • Housing Authority of Jackson County, Medford, OR—Livewell: Active for Life (Cross-Program)
  • LifeSTEPS, Sacramento, CA—Housing Plus Services: RN Coaching (Multifamily Housing)
  • Asian Pacific Self-Development Residential Association, Stockton, CA—Community Health Connections (Public Housing)
  • Home Forward, Portland, OR—Radon Testing and Mitigation in Public Housing (Policy Innovation)
  • The University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA—Home Environmental Interventions to Improve the Health of Older Adults (Research)

Joe Beck Educational Contribution Award

  • Dr. Milton Morris, MPH, PhD, REHS, DAAS

NEHA/AAS Scholarship

  • Amanda Ruckey, Undergraduate recipient, Montana State University
  • Connor Henderson, Undergraduate recipient, Western Carolina University
  • Summer Holloway, Graduate recipient, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

NEHA Affiliate Certificates of Merit


  • Carey Panier, nominated by the Illinois Environmental Health Association
  • Don Simmons, nominated by the Iowa Environmental Health Association
  • Erik Solie, nominated by the Minnesota Environmental Health Association
  • Michael Boudreau, nominated by the Massachusetts Environmental Health Association
  • Zachary Ehrlich, nominated by the New Jersey Environmental Health Association


  • Virginia Department of Health Commissioner's Office and Local Health Department Employees, nominated by the Virginia Environmental Health Association

NEHA Past Presidents Award

  • Henroy Scarlett, DrPH, REHS
  • Jason Marion, PhD
  • Sylvanus Thompson, PhD

NEHA Presidential Citations

  • Dr. Henroy Scarlett                                              
  • Marissa Mills
  • Dr. Norbert Campbell                                         
  • Gail Vail
  • Rowan Stephens                                                 
  • Seth Arends
  • Dr. D. Gary Brown                                               
  • Dr. Carolyn Harvey
  • Dr. Leon Vinci
  • Dr. Natasha DeJarnett
  • Kristen Ruby-Cisneros
  • Dr. Welford Roberts
  • Jacqueline E. Taylor
  • Lindsi Darnell
  • Larry Ramdin
  • DaJuane M. Harris
  • Dr. Derek G. Shendell
  • Dr. Sylvanus Thompson
  • Stan Hazan
  • George Nakamura
  • Leisha Kidd Brooks
  • Brian Collins
  • Dr. Raphael G. Warnock
  • John A. Steward
  • Christopher Sparks
  • Alicia Enriquez Collins
  • Dr. Wendell Moore
  • Dr. Gerald L. Durley
  • Dowit Berhe
  • Dr. David Dyjack
  • Cynthia Talbot and Miss Daisy
  • Gwendolyn Johnson
  • Terrance A. Powell
  • Angelica Ledezma
  • Dr. Sheila D. Pressley

NSF International Scholar 

  • Matthew Biven, Eastern Kentucky University

Samuel J. Crumbine Consumer Protection Award

  • Southern Nevada Health District

Walter F. Snyder Environmental Health Award

  • Joseph Cotruvo, PhD, BCES

Walter S. Mangold Award

  • Dr. Carolyn Hester Harvey, MS, PhD, RS, CIH, CHMM